Interim Possible Futures Review

Interim Possible Futures Review

Working on this Project I had faced many obstacles that came my way. I started off confused and not sure what to do. I knew I wanted to do something related to fashion but did not know what exactly it would be. Going to the London Fashion Week gave me a much more understanding, inspirations and idea development towards this project. Going to the Supreme drops on Thursdays also helped me overcome my challenge not knowing where to exactly start.

Working on a collaboration with Bwoy-wonder is very interesting and exciting. The whole year we have been working together as a group of students but for this project, I decided to bring people from the outside.

My original plan before going to the London Fashion week was to meet fashion bloggers attending the event, exchange information and work together. The idea would have been that I document the lives of fashion bloggers. However, my idea changed because I kept realizing that not what I really like and this whole project is about what we like and enjoy.

I originally met Bwoy-Wonder at the London Fashion Week. The masks they designed caught my attention and everyone else’s attention. When I saw them, my whole idea changed and I knew I had to work with them. We exchanged information and did our first shoot.

In my opinion, the first shoot we did went much better than I thought it would. I was very happy with the outcome I had but I knew this was not it and I had to do more.