Final Possible Futures evaluation

Final Possible Futures evaluation

While putting this project together, we all had strengths and weaknesses. There were times when I felt very confident and strong with what I was doing but at points, I felt lost. After the first shoot, everything seemed to be going great. The pictures came out great but I had to do another with a different location as well.

Time management was not easy with this project. We had lots of time to work on it but we had other things going on at the same time (interviews). I had to arrange a time where I and my models were free but that was difficult for the both of us at times when I was in class and he was at work.

Doing the second shoot was the most difficult thing throughout the whole project if not the whole year. I have just recently started doing flash photography so it is something new to me. The second shoot took place at Piccadilly Circus and the difficult part was that it snowed. We were all cold and wanted to just get it over with. When the shoot ended I knew I had to do another one because I was not fully satisfied.

Looking at the pictured after the shoot, I realized how much better they looked in post edit and the snow effect in the pictures was a one-time thing because it does not always snow in this city.

Overall, I had some difficulties but I learned from them and that is the only way to get better. In the end, I am happy with what I will be showcasing to the public and proud of everything I have achieved. Working on this project, I learned a lot from the street fashion industry and was one of the most exciting things I have done since moving to London.