Mock interview

Mock interview



  • What was the last exhibition/lecture/event/screening you saw? What did you find interesting? How did the work relate to your current ideas/creative practice?


The last lecture that I saw was Virgil Abloh at Harvard Graduate School of design. What I found interesting from his lecture was his thinking process of when working on his projects. He might not be a photojournalist but he’s an artist that I can relate to. What I take away from the lecture is to add my signature to my work and show the world who I am.


  • Name three practitioners whose work you have discovered since being on the Level 3 course. How have they influenced your creative practice? What do you find interesting about their work?


Vivian Maier, Phil Penman, and Boogie are three practitioners that I have discovered since being on the Level 3 course. They have influenced my work by sharing stories of people around the world from many different cities. What I find interesting about their work are the subjects they photograph and the courage to do so. That is what influences me to go out and take pictures.


  • Where are you at with your current project? How could you improve your current work and approach?


On my current project, I am in the process of starting to take pictures of my subjects. I could have improved my project by starting earlier. It’s not that I left it last minute, it was just that I didn’t know what to do or what the theme would be. It took a bit of time to figure out what I actually want to do with this project.


  • What are the three key things you have learned on the Level 3 course?

Three things that I have learned on the level 3 course is to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Another one is to overtake all the obstacles in your way and don’t stop. Lastly, I learned to be confident with what I want to do.


  • What does [Graphic Design/Photography/Film etc.] mean to you?

Photojournalism means sharing a story that is to be told.


  • What is the most successful piece of work in your portfolio? Why? How could it be improved?

The most successful piece of work in my portfolio is the series of picture from Wall Street in New York City. Some of the pictures could have improved with the angles taken from.


  • Who do you see as the target audience for your work? Why?

In my portfolio, I am not aiming for a specific age group. I have a variety of work to show I am capable of doing anything when it comes to photography.


  • What do you hope to achieve by undertaking a BA course?

Becoming a better photojournalist


  • What qualities and attributes do you have that will make you a successful student at BA level?

I am very passionate towards what I do. Another quality I have is being able to solve work around problems that come in my direction.