CTS Text Review (Here's How You'll Shop in 2026, HAYLEY PHELAN)

CTS Text Review (Here’s How You’ll Shop in 2026, HAYLEY PHELAN)

The central idea of the following text it about how people will shop for clothes in the future (2026). It explains how it will be completely different from how it is today. It argues that shopping malls will all be on our mobiles and going out to shop will not be necessary anymore. One of the arguments in the following text was not very convincing when stating that fashion seasons will no longer exist when it comes to fashion and new clothes will be released throughout the whole year. The author holds a position of agreeing with what the future holds rather than being against what is yet to come. My thoughts on this article are that some points I can agree with being that we can get everything off a screen but not to a point where stores will no longer exist. Also, I don’t agree that fashion seasons will no longer exist. In my opinion, fashion seasons will always exist because that’s the culture of it and what keeps the people excited for what will be released.